A lone rover is sent to a barren world with one task - to make it habitable. Even though it is equipped with the necessary tools for the task, nature itself appears to be resisting the change.


WASD - move

X - mine

Arrow keys - navigate menus

Enter - operate current menu

ESC - menu

I - show more info

TAB - switch between resource pages

Authors: [kylep, surnine, vasidovi]


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new to itch.io, would someone mind telling me how to play the game? cant get it to pull up for some reason thanks!

Could you elaborate on the "cant get it to pull up" part? I'm afraid I don't understand what exactly is not working.
The game should automatically start on game page load.
The controls are listed in the description and in game.

well when I load onto this page it is just a blank page for me haha 

Hmm... sorry but I have no clue as to what may be wrong - I've tested on several browsers and it seemed to work just fine.
Alas, I'm not working on this project anymore so can't help you much. Better luck on other games :)

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It's fun, but I couldn't figure it out how to make the drones, or what the launcher does... Also couldn't get very far @_@
edit: I FIGURED IT OUT, this game is very addictive +_+

Thanks for trying out the game! :) The launcher is required only in the last level (if i recall correctly), and once can always see undiscovered recipes through recipes menu (Esc > Recipes). Alas only the first level was properly tested due to gamejam time constraints (or rather lack of planing) and is nearly impossible to finish after that :)

Oh, I see! I had quite fun with this game, I think I spent around 1 hour in it, if you ever finish it, consider mobile release,  I tottaly see lots of people trowing a dollar your way =D